“Make Ahead Meals” Download Page

Thank you for your purchase!

You may download as many times as you want, simply save the file to your computer desktop, documents or some folder. If anything goes wrong, I’ll work with you.

Keep, Copy or Save this URL address link to return to this page in case something happens.

Remember, you are downloading this file to your computer first so either Open or Save the file to your desktop or some folder. Then you can read the pdf on your computer. To read on another device, you’ll need to plug in with a USB or other cable and upload the saved file to your device.

(Please note: the author worked very hard on this e-book. Please don’t distribute this link online or anywhere else. I’ve made this ebook available at a very reasonable price, and I hope that you enjoy it immensely and practice ethical business standards. Thanks again.)

Make Ahead Meals: Freezer Meal Recipes That Make Dinner Quick and Easy– click here to download as a PDF file. Readable on all computers and most e-reading devices.

If anything goes wrong with your download, I will make sure you get a copy sent as soon as possible. Just email me directly at MakeAheadMealRecipes@gmail.com


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