The Author

Cassie_Headshot-2Hi, thanks for stopping by my Make Ahead Meals blog! My name is Cassandra Cyr and I live in Connecticut with my husband- Robb, my three year old son- Charlie, and two cute boston terrier/pug doggies. My hobbies include scrapbooking (I also run the blog Glue Meets Paper), running, and of course cooking! I work full time in the biotech industry, but I’ve had a passion for cooking as long as I can remember. I’ve poured over hundreds of cookbooks, taken personalized cooking classes, and attended countless food festivals and demonstrations. Not only am I passionate about food, but I also enjoy the cooking process. It’s so much fun to try new recipes, and I love being able to serve a home-cooked dinner to my family every night

Because of my success using freezer meals I decided to write an E-Book titled “Make Ahead Meals: Freezer Meal Recipes that Make Dinner Quick and Easy” to inspire others to do the same. In this book I will give you a basic introduction to the benefits of Make Ahead Meals. I’ll walk you through the most efficient way to plan your cooking sessions, what you’ll need to get started, and the best way to make your grocery lists. After that I’ll provide you with over 50 appealing, tasty, and healthy recipes your whole family with love!

To Purchase “Make Ahead Meals: Freezer Meal Recipes to Make Dinner Quick and Easy” Click HERE.


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