Welcome to Make Ahead Meal Recipes

Hi friends! Welcome to my blog, Make Ahead Meal Recipes! This blog will function as a companion to my new e-book, ‘Make Ahead Meals: Freezer Meal Recipes That Make Dinner Quick and Easy”. I will be sharing details about the book, recipes, and some product suggestions along the way. My new book will not be on sale until July, however I’d like to share some of my favorite aspects of the book with you today.  For an official “about the book” please see HERE

red peppers - Copy

I thought this first post would be a good time to go over some of my favorite aspects of the book.  It’s a bit more detailed than the ‘official’ blurb about the book so I hope this gets you excited to read it!


All of the recipes in the book are broken down by protein- so there are chapters for Chicken, Beef, Pork, Meatloaf Mix, and Seafood. There are also chapters for Vegetarian, Breakfast, Dessert, and Condiments/Side Dishes so I promise you can cook for virtually anyone or any occasion with these recipes. Each chapter contains a minimum of 5 recipes and each recipe lists the calorie content per serving and the exact storage units to use in order for your meals to taste their best.


As noted above, all of the recipes show you the calorie content per serving. It was important for me to keep health as a main focus of this book, so most of the recipes are under 500 Calories per serving (with the exception of a decadent Chocolate Oreo Pie, yum, and a few others). Don’t get me wrong- it’s not a “health food book” (not that there’s anything wrong with that!), it’s simply a yummy recipe book that remembers that vegetables exist and keeps the fats relatively low, while not sacrificing flavor. Also, the recipes only utilize whole foods- no store bought stir fry sauces, seasoning packets, or processed foods. Anytime there is a recipe that calls for a typically store bought ingredient (such as pie dough or salsa), I give instructions so you can make it yourself if you so choose.


In addition to delicious meals I also wanted to ensure you have the tools to make and plan your meals efficiently. To this end I have included Freezer Inventory, Grocery List, and Freezer Meal Label printables (among others). I also cross reference recipes that share ingredients, so you can plan your cooking sessions to utilize the most of your time and money.


As you can see above, the photographs in the book are stunning.  In addition to these professional photographs the recipes in the book detail how to make high quality yet simple to prepare meals. Each recipe went through rounds of taste testing to ensure it is ‘just right’ and will freeze beautifully. This book is detailed and thorough; it contains over 100 pages of helpful tips and easy to follow instructions.

I can’t wait to share my new book with you! I’m just finishing up some recipe tests and photography and then it will be available for purchase soon 🙂


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